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Larken Rose/ Edward Forchin (NJ Weed Man) Interviews

June 13, 2018

 Interviews with larken Rose



Larken Rose is an anarchist author best known for challenging the IRS to answer questions about the federal tax liability of citizens, and being sentenced to 15 months in prison with no questions answered. A poster Boy in the TAX Protestor Movement, But beyond that he is a prominent Anti government Voluntarist/Anarchist that believes we should control our own lives and not be put under the oppression of the Republic that Governs the United States of America.
He has been a keynote Speaker at the Anarcupulco conference'.

He is the Author of many books including
"Kicking the Dragon: Confessions of a Tax Heretic"
"The Iron Web"

And his newest book
"Most Dangerous Superstition" where Larken eloquently challenges the Belief of accepting the untruths that have been feed to us by the government and have brain washed most Americans , Please welcome VIA SKYPE , from a undisclosed anti government Bunker the philosopher Larken Rose!

 Ed Forchion alson know as THE NEW JERSEY WEED MAN
he is an American Rastafari cannabis rights and free speech activist, frequent candidate for public office, actor, writer, and restaurateur (according to wikipedia)

  He was Just released in May of 2018 after serving 447 days and found Not guilty by a Jury of his Peers.