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RU Unfunny serious news June 19 2019

June 19, 2019

Trial of daily news release

1.Facbook new Crypto Currency 

2.Nebraska School district testing for Nicotine in Jr High and High School Students

3.16.5 ton Cocaine bust

4.UN predicts world population Flatline

5.Meth attack Squirle

6.Google Calendar failure

7. Boeing Back in production of Death trap

8. DJ Official , Officially dead

9.Trump announces 2020 Campaign

10.Bernie Sanders to dismantle large corporations

11.AOC claims boarder holding facilities are equal to Nazi Concentration Camps

12.Fox new dominates the ratings

13.Trump tweet for deportation

14. Patrick Shanahan is out for Secretary of Defense

15.Jersey shore come back

16.lola Consuelos scarred for life

17.Honey Boo Boo wont go home

18.Bill Cosby gi ves life advice

19.90210 feud myth busted

20.Ashton Kutcher getting Punk'ed

21.who is Dewan and Kazee