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RU Unfunny news Monday June 24 2019

June 24, 2019

Un Funny Daily News update topics covered are below

1. Mailman shot in Louisiana 

2.Monopoly changing the game

3.Giant squid videoed in gulf of mexico

4.Dominican Rebuplic death rate down 56% even thought the 10th death was just announced

5.tiffani Adams locked in a plane

6.26 games with home runs for the New York Yankees

7.New drug for making women Horny released

8.Cat survives washing machine

9.times square tight rope walkers

10. Beth Chapman medically induced Coma

11.Capri Kobe Bryant

12.Sean McVay

13. Fast change for TRUMP

14.IRAN execute spy

15.US Cyber Forces attack Iran missile control

16.trump warns Iran to give up Nuclear Plans

17.House Democrats threaten to sue Kellyanna Conway

18.Bernie Sanders to eliminate student debt

19.Soulja Boy no charges sought in kidnapping allegations

20.mamma june

21.Olivia Jade

22. Niki Minaj

23. Cardi B

24. Alice Cooper