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RU Unfunny News June 28 2019

June 28, 2019

Todays News brought to you by Norco Tobacco , Who is having their Americana Party tonight located at 2500 Hamner Ave in the city of Norco 4pm -10pm

In todays News 

1. Cuba opens up to independent film projects

2. Google and Facebooks Median Pay Rates

3. People are leaving LA and Orange Counties

4. Boeing wants to settle an estimated 3 billion dollars in Law Suits

5. People are Driving older cars

6.STD's are up amongst the armed forces

7.ISIS is making 4th of july threats

8.twitter to censor President Trump

9.Max Wright

10.Holly Madison

11.Border Funding Bill

12.Dahli Lama not a trump Supporter

13.Hack Spanish at the debates

14.Tulsi Gabbard for Security Advisor

15.census gets no additional questions as of now

16.Iran growing balls

17.North Korea feelings hurt