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RU Unfunny News June 25 2019

June 25, 2019

Todays News is Brought to you by Norco Tobacco

todays topics include the following

1. Bill Gates regrets leaving the phone game in 2017

2.SB 132

3.Trump says She is not my type

4.152 dead bodies launched into space

5.Crips and Bloods call for a truce

6.New Fresh Water Sources found

7.Never Frozen 1/4 pounder

8.Mutumbo speaks on Ebola

9.Ann Sarnoff to Lead Warner Brothers

10.7-eleven making deliveries

11.Vitamin D conspiracy

12.Beth Chapman updates

13.Carly Craig/ Zachary Reiter wedding

14.Bill Press calls out Democrat presidential contenders

15.Neil Gorsuch

16.Brett Kavanaugh

17.Press Secretary Competition

18.Russia posting up in Cuba

19.Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren competing for who can spend more money Faster

20.Imigration and government the top concerns of polled Americans