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RU Unfunny news Friday June 21 2019

June 21, 2019

Todays unfunny News, Friday June 21 2019

1. Abraham Lincolns Bible

2.Los Angeles City Council takes up Extortion to get it's way

3.Cameron Powers Meets Grranny with a gun

4.3 billion in political add spending in 2020 elections

5. Trans Home Field Tamp Bay Rays have identity crisis

6.Trump Narrowly escapes WWIII

7.Cross Monument will stand

8.Border Patrol Lets 100k of "got Aways" slip by

9.Piers Morgan Declares trump the 2020 winner

10.Roy Moore back on the campaign trail

11.Pistol Pete Buttigieg

12.Post Malone

13.Anne Hathaway on set stabbing

14.Granger Smith

15.Ashton Kutcher , Mila Kunis

16.Chrissy Tiegan

17.Lindsay Lohan

18.Matt Lauer

19 Lisa Venderpump